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3 Reasons DJI Mavic Air is still the best drone for 2019!

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DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller – Onyx Black

DJI has released several drones since the Mavic Air – but in this website I’m to tell you why the Mavic Air is still MY PICK for the best drone as we head into 2019.

what’s going on everybody My Name is Irfan Ullah from and today I want to talk about drones I want to talk about the DJI Mavic air and I want to give you three reasons why I think it’s still the best drone you can buy heading into 2019 so about the DJI spark and why I thought in many ways it was even better than the Mavic Pro and I got some heat online for that and technically on spec it’s true the Mavic Pro is a better drone but I just thought there were a lot of advantages to the spark and I wanted to talk about it and I have a similar thought for this year as we head into 2019 you guys have more options than ever before if you’re looking to buy a drone and I just wanted to throw my opinion out there and say forget about the Maverick to pro forget about the Maverick to zoom the one you should buy is the Mavic air.

Reason number one

Size it is the smallest Mavic drone look at this thing it’s tiny it comes, in this case, this case is smaller than the case I have from my beats headphones can we like just stop and take that in for a second like we’re living in an era where a flying camera is smaller than a pair of headphones that’s insane the fact that you can stick it in this case and throw it in your camera bag and have it take up less space than some of your lenses that’s bonkers with the original Mavic I always kept it in my camera bag without a case because it just needed the space but with the Mavic air I can keep the drone in the case in my camera bag and for one it’s better protected and for two actually this is probably the most important if you have your bag searched in some area where they don’t want drones and see this case they’re not gonna think it’s a drone they’re gonna think it’s a game or a pair of headphones or something like that I’ve been through very very very sensitive areas where they do not permit drones and I wasn’t planning on flying I was just carrying it with me no one recognized this as a drone nobody and while the original Mavic pro is bigger than the Mavic air the Mavic two pro and Mavic two zoom are even bigger they’re actually like pretty large and that extra size is gonna just make it a little bit harder to bring around with you which is the reason I don’t have a phantom or an inspired a year ago when I was talking about the DJI spark a lot of you in the comments said Oh wouldn’t it be great if the arms could fold up on the spark well they answered with the Mavic air the Mavic air is a little bit bigger than the spark but because it has folding arms one it’s all folded up honestly I think it takes up less space in my camera bag than the spark did because the spark didn’t have the folding arms.

Reason number two

Is the price as of right now it’s $699 which is an incredible deal the original Mavic they’re still selling for $999 the Mavic to zoom they’re selling for 1249 and the Mavic to pro is $1499 so the Mavic air is about half the price of the Mavic two pro on specs the Mavic 2 pro is a better drone however is it twice as good definitely not so if you’re somebody who’s just getting into drones you don’t have to spend $1,500 anymore to have a really really great drone Mavic air has got you covered at $699 so that’s reason number two.

Reason number three

Is the image quality now a year ago when I was talking about the spark one of the reasons I loved the spark is because I could tell that DJ I had tweaked their color science between the release of the Mavic and the release of the spark if you take a look at this comparison I shot a year ago you can see that the color on the spark is just better the greens are better the Blues are better there’s just more definition in the color and it just feels more vibrant and less muddy I remember thinking with the spark if they made a drone that could shoot 4k with this color it would be awesome that’s what they did the picture quality on the Mavic air is incredible to get nerdy for a second it records at a hundred megabits per second which is three times the data rate of the original Mavic pro so what that means is more detail less artifacts in the compression and just a better image so let’s take a look at some footage from the Mavic air and maybe compare it to some footage from the Mavic Pro okay I’ve got Final Cut loaded up here and I’ve got some clips that I’ve shot with several different drones over the last few years let’s start with some clips from the Mavic Pro this is the Mavic one Pro the original Mavic and I’ll show you some of the reasons why I was just constantly disappointed with the image from this drone so this is a shot I used in the music video for Hawk Nelson’s miracles and if you look at the image like the greens are just so muddy and they’re not majestic like it was to be there there’s a lot of noise in the shadows and it just is is not detailed it’s gross looking and it’s just not happy this is another shot from that same trip this is a shot of this really epic road in Iceland same thing it’s just ruddy and if you look up way up top where the dark spots are it just is like blah brownish and the greens are not like vivid at all they’re sort of brownie green and when I was using the Mavic Pro I was just constantly frustrated with the color and that’s one of the reasons I loved the spark a year ago now let me show you some footage from the Mavic air that I’ve taken over the last eight months since buying it this is a shot from Costa Rica and right away look at the color like look at those greens look at the Browns how there’s no like weird muddiness and the there’s detail in the trees but it’s not overwhelming it’s not like doing that thing where it’s like so sharp that it like feels stuttery here’s a shot from Bali just a few months ago and like these are some rice paddies now there’s a lot of detail in that rice paddy and there’s no way that the original Mavic would have been able to keep up with that amount of detail with like 35 megabits per second it would just like fall apart into a horrible mess but here the Mavic air is looking fantastic greens are great skies not blown out I mean there’s detail but it’s smooth rate here’s a shot from the desert right near the border between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates I went there with my buddy Kurt and I got a shot of him running into the distance and the Mavic air just performs so well at preserving detail where there needs to be detail and smoothing things out where things need to be smooth.

I mean like that just doesn’t even look real let’s look at another shot from that this is an overhead shot from that same spot look at that that’s epic this was shot remember not with some $10,000 $20,000 drone rig this was shot with just a standard Mavic air let’s look at one more shot this is from Maui just a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to see how close to the ways that could fly so here comes here comes. so the Mavic air can actually handle getting a little bit wet that drone flew back to me pretty soggy flew just fine so really those are my three reasons why I think this is still your best choice for a drone now before you get going crazy in the comments section yes technically the Mavic 2 pro and the Mavic two zoom are more advanced I haven’t messed with the Mavic 2 zoom at all kind of not interested because it just looks like the Mavic one but it can zoom the Mavic 2 Pro has a new one-inch Hasselblad sensor and that is impressive the one-inch sensor was really really good in the Phantom 4 Pro and I think it may be a similar you know and maybe a similar bit of tech and I have seen some sample footage from the Maverick 2 Pro that I did like but I’ve also seen a bunch of sample footage I didn’t like so I think it really comes back to the person that’s shooting and the interest of being fair I do want to point out a couple of limitations of the Mavic err the first is maneuverability it is definitely not as maneuverable as any of the other Maddox the original Mavic was more maneuverable the Mavic 2 Pro is quite maneuverable especially with its size and the size of the new propellers are pretty big so that’s a downside but it’s never been a big enough deal for me to want to switch because when I fly a drone I sort of go in one consistent motion for a long time because you want one of those like smooth shots you don’t want to get shots that like bad so I’ve been you know I’ve found that that’s not really that big a deal for me one thing that has bothered me is the the controller – drone communication is definitely not as good as the original Mavic or the Mavic 2 Pro it’s based on more of a Wi-Fi technology which I think has just got a more limited range and then also it doesn’t deal well with obstacles so you really do want to keep your eyes on it you don’t want to fly it like around a corner where you can’t see it anymore because you will lose a connection so that’s a definite limitation that actually if I had to pick one issue that would cause me to want to upgrade to the Maverick 2 Pro it would probably be the distance that you can go and then the third thing that’s worth mentioning is battery life flight time it’s fairly limited and the Mavic air they say 21 minutes I’ve found that functionally you can really do about fifteen or sixteen but you can get a lot of shots in 15 minutes I dare you to sit down in front of a clock and just stare at a clock for 15 minutes it’s like forever so dad hasn’t really bothered me I have three batteries for the Mavic air and if I need to you know switch out a battery.

I just switch out a battery and that limitation hasn’t bothered me all that much really the the communication between the controller and the drone is probably my biggest gripe with the drone but like I said it’s just not a big enough deal for me to really want to spend twice as much money so the bottom line for me has been when I had the Mavic one there were things that frustrated me and that caused me to want to upgrade with this I don’t feel very many things that frustrate me I would love to shoot 4k 60 and that’s something the Mavic 2 pro can do but I’m really happy with 4k 24 and 30fps and I don’t think I want to spend twice as much just to get 4k 60 when flying a drone doing slo-mo isn’t necessarily the thing you want to do anyways so for me 2019 for the foreseeable future I’m sticking with the Mavic air and if you’re looking to get into a drone that’s the one I’d recommend thank you guys so much for watching if you have any questions or comments please talk to me in the comments below I respond back to each one and I love hearing your thoughts about these drums please guys.

3 Reasons DJI Mavic Air is still the best drone for 2019!


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