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How To Weight Loss Without Exercise.

How to weight loss without exercise, you know what I would be honest some of y’all is pure teen lazy you’re lazy as hell don’t want to do 9 but it’s okay cuz I’m Irfan too in fact I was able to lose the first 40 pounds out of my 70 without working out at all so this article was gonna be all about that girl and guess what been there done, I’m gonna be breaking down exactly how to lose weight without going to the gym or working out so I would just get y’all some tips on how to cut corners in this weight loss thing now should you work out on your weight-loss journey hell yeah are you actually gonna work out on your weight-loss journey hell no yeah I know damn well y’all be wanting to work out but it’s okay though this is what this article is all about okay y’all let’s not even waste no time let’s jump right on it.

I’m about to give y’all some good tips that’s gonna help you to lose weight even when you don’t want to work out so the first tip that I have is common sense if you want to lose weight and you don’t want to exercise of course your diet has to be very strict now when you are working out while losing weight there’s a little more way because you’re able to burn off any extra calories from things that you probably shouldn’t really be in so if you’re planning on not working out one thing that you probably should really do is really get strict on your diet no fried foods no sugary foods no junk food no soda you just want to make sure that you’re eating really really clean like as clean as a whistle another thing do not skip meals now being that you’re gonna be on a really strict diet you got to make sure you really eat is this do not skip meals cuz yo ass gonna be hungry.

I’m telling you that right now make sure that you’re eating breakfast have a snack have lunch have another snack and then have dinner now for breakfast lunch and dinner you want to do small portions okay small portions with snacks in between those small portions that is the best way to lose weight without working out all your meals gonna be small portions now I ain’t gonna lie if y’all watch my when I eat in a day article when I’m doing my meal prep and you will see me packing up my goal like filling it up to the top you can’t do that and you ain’t trying to work out if you try to lose weight but you ain’t trying to work out you cannot have really big portions first of all.

You don’t know how fast your metabolism really is so what you have to do is eat as small as possible but eat multiple times throughout the day so that you’re not hungry and what this does is if you eat under a certain amount of calories you’re gonna lose weight regardless and while I’m talking about calories let me add in that you should absolutely try to count your calories now in the past I have told job that that’s one thing I do not do and I do not recommend you do it especially if you want to maintain and keep it up as a lifestyle I just don’t feel like counting calories is fun I feel like it takes the fun out of eating I feel like it’s too much to count up everything when you’re out on vacation or you know at a party a cookout like.

how to weight loss without exercise, Advice Products

I like to do weight loss lifestyle stuff that you can maintain for a long period of time now granted counting calories works because I’ve done it I just wouldn’t recommend you do it forever because it can be very tedious and annoying but it does work and if you’re not gonna be working out you definitely have to be calorie conscious and making sure that you are not going over a certain amount now how many calories should you be eating if you do not want to exercise but you still want to lose weight I’m gonna be honest I’m gonna have to say 1200 calories a day and I know that that is so small and so limited and it’s so sad because we love to eat but you have to I when I was trying to lose weight like a couple years ago as y’all know I’ve been on a couple weight loss journeys only this one I’ve been actually successful in.

I was doing weight loss journeys like

My past life when I was doing weight loss journeys like back in high school one thing I would do is count calories and I would never go over 1200 calories a day and I actually did that for about a month and I came down at least a good 15 pounds doing that did I keep it off no but it didn’t work so definitely try counting calories a really great app that can help you is My Fitness Pal that is a really great app that help you to count your calories and you could just scan everything so that you make sure that you are like getting everything all counted in for the day now something else I’m gonna recommend if you are trying to lose weight without working out is fasting water fasting is really great for losing weight in a short amount of time obviously because you’re not eating but if you don’t want to do something as rigorous as water fasting I do suggest intermittent fasting which is what I use to lose my 70 pounds now for intermittent fasting there are multiple eating ratios I did the 16 to 8 ratio where you eat for eight hours and fast for 16 so if you’re looking for something that can help you to lose weight without working out I will definitely suggest intermittent fasting another ratio that I think is really good is the one meal a day ratio where you fast for 23 hours and just eat once a day I actually have a article on that and I actually did have a lot of great results from doing that challenge so if you guys would like to see my results from doing one meal a day for seven days please make sure you check out the description box and it will be linked down below something else that’s gonna be really really beneficial to you if you are really trying to lose weight is stop eating at a certain time this is because after a certain time your metabolism shuts off and you don’t burn again until the next day so all that just ends up being stored fat and you do not want that especially if you plan on not working out so if you can stop eating by 7 p.m. or 8 p.m.

Drink Water Regularly

I say this in every article but I’m gonna say it again drink a lot of water is essential y’all and I’m gonna keep saying it till y’all asses start listening now if you want to purchase a nice water jug, I love this water bottle because it has like you know a little motivational on it and it’s really just gonna help you to get to that gallon in take a day as you can see mine is full cuz it’s early in the morning but I’m up to go ahead and bust this thing down so yeah make sure that you are drinking at least one gallon of water a day drink as much water as you possibly can I promise you it will help a child that is the end of this article I hope you guys enjoyed this one and definitely take heed to these tips y’all because they really do work if you enjoyed this article please make sure you like share comment down below and definitely share thanks so much or reading in to my website guys and I hope to see you in my next one Irfan ullah says.


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