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HP 27es Full HD Review

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hi everyone its “Irfan ullah” I got the HP 27es here this screen is big compared to my Dell I gotta say that it’s size is great for gaming oh by the way if you do want to check it out or buy this monitor, now let’s go on to the pros this monitor is an ultra slim 27-inch 1920 by 1080 IPS screen with an LED back light seems big on my desk working over my Dell you 24/7 th like the bezel is borders and it gets up to 215 it’s brightness can make your games look great with a 7 preset quick view color setting that you can toggle between.

it has two HDMI ports in a DJ if in either it has around 72 percent correct color gamut and viewing angle is actually not bad 170 degrees to be exact I bought in a cell with put in a budget price range and and there’s one last Pro you might like.

I wasn’t apparent at first to the screen even tilted also people think for some reason they’re sound out up is not when you mount the stand to the monitor it actually feels a bit plastic in some sections it has a seven millisecond response time which is fine for an IPS monitor and is 60 Hertz for fresh time which is standard for non souped-up gaming monitors also if you’re thinking a mounting the screen you’re gonna need to buy a versa mounting adapter.

here’s for that one last furrow the HP 27 es has a secret twin that is actually younger called the HP 2700 and it’s practically the same screen I try to find a difference between the two and there is only a few the HP 27 ye’are has a 5,000,000 dynamic contrast ratio which the HP 27 es has 10 million the three minor differences aren’t really much to say people either way except for the price the HP 27ar is actually a bit cheaper than the es and when they both oneself actually go within a good budget monitor range overall I like this HP monitor there’s really many drawbacks for my users also bye guys.


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Where To Buy

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