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Jake S Own Story, Pets Health

This is Jake’s own story, as he sees his world! Pets Health

I can’t remember much about my very young life, but my own story really started at around about 14 weeks, when this very nice couple came to where I was living, looking for a puppy. All I remember is sitting in the corner of the kennel, while four young lady puppies rushed over to say “Hello”. They were very pretty blue merle collie pups and I was just a plain old “black and white” Border collie. I was thinking to myself “No-one will ever want me” and was resigned to a lonely life in my corner. However, to my amazement, I was the puppy they picked up to hold. Pets Health

“Right”, I thought… “I’m going to make the most of this and hope that they take me home with them”, so I snuggled in as tightly as I could and gave them a big wet kiss. That turned out to be a winning move on my part, because that’s when my own story started for real and they took me home with them. Pets Health

I was determined it would be a decision they would never regret and decided from that day on to be the best friend anyone could have asked for. When we arrived at the house, where my new “Mom and Dad” lived. I felt a bit lost sitting on the kitchen floor all by myself, with no other puppies around to play with. But as the months went by I became more accustomed to the surroundings and started to enjoy my little life. Pets Health

“This is the place for me” I thought “There’s plenty of open space to run around in, shadows to chase and even things with feathers on that fly away when you get near”.

I did have a few hiccups though, when it became time to learn how to walk on one of those lead thingies… I wasn’t too keen at first! In fact I tried very hard not to give in, but as you can guess, I did!

As time passed, I had done everything from digging holes in the flowerbeds, helping with the “unplanting” of flowers and just managing to avoid falling into the fishpond, I reckoned my new life was going to be great.

When I was about…mmm!, let me think about this…ohhh! I guess I must have been about 12 months old, everything in the house was being packed away in boxes. “What’s goin’ on here?” I thought to myself “Which box is mine?”. It turned out my own story was about to continue from a new home near the coast…

What a great place that was. So many places to have a good old romp amongst the heather, plus there was this place called “the beach”. Wasn’t too sure about it at first, as I got my feet wet, which was something that I didn’t like at all (at first). But after going a few times, I began to realise that it wasn’t such a bad place. I could run and run and not really get anywhere, but that didn’t matter. Pets Health

Then one day much to everyone’s surprise, I decided to be brave and charged off into the water… Yippee!, I’ve got more than my feet wet now. “Hey, this is fun” I thought “I can actually swim”. I looked forward to being taken to the beach more and more as time passed.

However, after a couple of years everything was being packed in boxes again. Here we again, I thought, where are we off too this time? Didn’t have long to wait. We moved to another house, but still near the sea.

I am nearly 6 years old now, (I think!) and I am sure I have been a constant source of amusement to “Mom and Dad” I reckon they have got a file full of photos and lots of fond memories…

So far that is! Pets Health

Life has been very good for me, so a great big wet-nosed thank-you to my “Mom and Dad” for picking me and taking me home with them that day. All I want to do now is to grow old with them, update my own story, from time to time and enjoy our lives together for many years to come…

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