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How to make sure your email doesn't go to spam Marketer Magic

Marketer Magic Review |1 Marketing & Conversion Platform 2020

Marketer Magic Review |1 Marketing & Conversion Platform 2020


Marketer Magic is the #1 marketing and conversion tracking platform on the market! Maximize your traffic with more profit per visitor with these tools:


First: Marketer University
Start with Marketer University to watch Kevin David teach you how to set up and use all of the software tools available.

Second: ClickProof
ClickProof is a small pop-up on your website that displays how many individuals are currently viewing your page, recently signed up and you can even create custom events. This is a great tool to help increase social proof and FOMO!

Third: LivePic
LivePic allows you to automatically send messages to your subscribers with a customized image displaying their name. Watch your sales double when your customers receive their own “handmade” message!

Fourth: EmailVerifier
Avoid collecting invalid emails and decreasing your delivery rates with EmailVerifier. Get real-time verification and install a live verification tag onto your website to prevent fake emails.

Fifth: WorkHub
Use WorkHub to track your virtual assistant’s work with real-time screenshots, time tracking systems, and built-in payroll. Build a massive business remotely and easily track your entire team on one platform.

Sixth: ManyLeads
ManyLeads is the quickest way to generate quality leads for your business. Simply enter the keyword and location and watch the software generate hundreds of leads in seconds.

Seventh: MiniMe
MiniMe allows you to shorten links, retarget customers and split test destinations. You can also create deep links that automatically redirect to native apps and create a link tree with all your links on one page.

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